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Facial Implants in Baltimore, MD

View Baltimore Facial Implants Before and After Pictures 

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Theda C. Kontis offers facial implants to the residents of Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas.

Facial implants are an effective way to contour and reshape your face, lifting cheekbones and strengthening the jawline or chin to create a more attractive aesthetic balance. Patients enjoy how facial implants contribute to a more distinguished and shapely facial appearance, helping to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

How are facial implants used?

Facial implants are made of delicate, soft, biocompatible materials and come in many shapes and sizes. They are used in many areas of the face. Implants can increase the projection and size of the chin. A recessed chin that seems to blend into the neck can become more prominent and shapely. A jawline can be made to appear wider and more defined. Cheek implants add volume and lift the cheekbones. In general, facial implants augment your natural facial features and lend symmetry and balance to the face, increasing overall attractiveness.

What does facial implant surgery involve?

Prior to the surgery, Dr. Kontis will do an extensive consultation, explaining the procedure and answering your questions about any potential risks and complications. Depending on the location of the implants, the surgical procedure is done with general anesthesia or sedation. Small incisions are made along natural creases and folds of the face, often from inside the mouth, and the implants are set in place. The incisions are stitched, leaving no visible scars. In most cases, the implant surgery takes less than an hour, but may take longer if other surgeries are also being done. Recovery is usually quick, with minimal discomfort, although swelling can take several weeks to dissipate.

Facial implants are generally done in conjunction with other facial surgery or non-surgical facial enhancement techniques. Dr. Kontis brings a wealth of expertise and skill to this procedure, helping her patients attain a more attractive facial definition and pleasing aesthetic contours through the use of implants. Our gallery of before and after pictures can provide an idea of the types of results you can hope to achieve. Contact us for a consultation and learn how facial implants can give you the new, more attractive appearance you desire.

Board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Theda C. Kontis specializes in surgical and nonsurgical procedures that achieve youthful and natural results for the residents of Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas.


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