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Facial Plastic Surgery in Baltimore, MD

Kontis Plastic Surgery offers many facial plastic surgery options to residents of Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC. A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Kontis will help you decide which of these procedures is best for you. Contact our office and take the first step toward a new you!

Your face is usually the first thing you present to the world, and it is an important part of your overall persona. Looking your best will give you confidence and help you feel your best. Kontis Plastic Surgery offers many facial surgery options to give you the look to which you aspire. Learn more about the many services available to residents of Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC and call our office for a free consultation.

  • Facelift – This procedure, also called rhytidectomy, is designed to help erase signs of age from the lower face. Although less-invasive procedures can improve wrinkles, a facelift is the best way to address sagging cheeks and jowls, the “turkey waddle” neck, and deep creases in the face.
  • Liquid Facelift – Liquid facelifts are a non-surgical method of helping us to gently lift loose, sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, creases or folds and restore natural facial contours.
  • Eyelid Surgery – Also known as blepharoplasty, this procedure improves saggy skin around upper and lower eyelids to give a more youthful look to the eye. In extreme cases where excess skin interferes with eyesight, the procedure can help improve vision.
  • Brow Lift – The brow lift, or forehead lift, improves the look of drooping eyebrows, hooded eyes, deep furrows and creases in the forehead, and frown lines. This can bring new life and vitality to the upper face.
  • Ear SurgeryAlso known as otoplasty, this procedure corrects overly large or deformed ears and is often done in conjunction with other facial plastic surgery. Among children, the surgery can be done at about age five once the ears have fully developed. It is of particular benefit to children in helping them avoid teasing and self-esteem issues.
  • Rhinoplasty – Better known as a nose job or nasal contouring, this procedure both reshapes the nose and addresses breathing problems. Overall nose size can be reduced, nostril span reduced, and undesirable features and humps removed.
  • Revision Rhinoplasty – This procedure, also called secondary or tertiary rhinoplasty, is done to correct or repair problems caused by a previous rhinoplasty surgery. Older surgical techniques often removed excessive cartilage, leading to nasal deformities and breathing impairment. Revision rhinoplasty grafts new cartilage and rebuilds the nasal area, helping to address these problems.
  • Neck Lift – Neck lifts are performed to eliminate sagging neck skin and to give patients a well-defined neckline.
  • Neck Liposuction – Neck liposuction refers to the removal of excess fat from the neck and jaw area. The procedure is used to reshape the jawline and restore a more youthful look.
  • Facial Implants – Facial implants are used to sculpt the face, replace lost volume, and enhance facial proportion and balance. Implants can augment and lift cheekbones, soften the chin, or make the jawline more pronounced. Facial implants are often combined with other procedures and surgeries for a full facial enhancement.
  • Lip Lift – This procedure is done to correct a thin or elongated upper lip. It lifts the pink upper lip to make it look larger and restores the youthful shape and definition of the lips.
  • Chin Implant – Chin implants can greatly improve a person’s appearance by reshaping the chin or inserting an implant if the chin is small or somehow misshapen.
  • Facial Reconstruction – Address aesthetic concerns and the repair of scarring or deformities.
  • Scar Revision – a treatment that can be used to minimize scars. It can range from topical ointment to surgery.

Board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Dr. Theda C. Kontis specializes in surgical and nonsurgical procedures that achieve youthful and natural results for the residents of Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas.

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